Last Resort (the) - Live in 2011 - DoLP (heavy vinyl)



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Klasse Live Album. Doppel LP im Klappcover. Vinyl ist in schwerem Vinyl und das Artwork wurde von Muna aus Amerika aufs liebevollste gestaltet. Marvelous Live Album of this great Band. It is a double LP in a gatefold pressed in heavy vinyl. Muna form the USA did the artwork. TRACKLIST: SIDE A 1) Intro/Freedom. 2) Violence in our Minds. 3) Youll never take us. 4) My Retribution SIDE B 1) Rose of England. 2) Crucified Nation. 3) War Widow. 4) Beyond the Promised Land. 5) A.C.A.B. SIDE C 1) Cockleshell Heroes. 2) Working Class Kids. 3) Skinhead Baby. 4) Resort Boot Boys. SIDE D 1) String em all up. 2) Rebel with a Cause. 3) King of the Jungle 4) Skinheads in Sta Press.

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