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We are very proud to release the debut album from the FATSKINS " thinkin' like a fatskin" the very first time on vinyl. The album was released 20 years ago from Step1 only as a CD-only version. This album is still one of the best album when you like American Oi! Powerful & agressive! Mike Oxley has one of the best voices for oi music! This guy wrote the liner notes for the album & you can read them with all the song textes on the insert from the LPSide A 1) Fatskins Hooligan-3:29 2) Thats my life-1:59 3) 9 Years on- 3:11 4) Good to go- 2:01 5) Smash em- 2:33 6) Old Glory 3:34 Side B 1) American Skins- 2:29 2) Trust- 3:24 3) Skinheads and Punks- 2:16 4) Never look back- 2:28 5) Up with the Cock- 2:13 6) Thinking like a Fatskin- 3:07
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