Dogshit Sandwich - 3 Years Of Shit - CD


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3 Years of Shit cd album Between 1999 and 2001 the Birmingham/Black Country Punx released 2 demo’s, 1 7’’ ep and 2 split 7’’ ep’s and a split cd plus did some cover songs for tribute cd’s and stuff. The 7’’s had been 500 pressings and were all sold out and many people who no longer buy vinyl had complained that they could not get the songs so it made sense to put them all on one cd as the demo’s were very hard (if not virtually impossible in the case of the first one) plus some of the covers versions had not been released and there was even space for an interview the band did for a Norwegian punk radio station. A thousand pressing was done of this with Rock Em Dead and Weird Records coming along with me again (Weird had done some 7’’s for the band). The cover has a great picture of the front man PK sitting in an armchair in Germany looking very drunk with cowboy hat on, this to me was the perfect cover for this cd. The cd is still in plenty supply so anyone who wants to hear the band in the early years get your hands on a copy of this.

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