Dik Guru - Urban Folk- CD


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Dik Guru is from Birmingham, England and plays acoustic folk music, his comedy songs are hilarious and he sings with a very strong Birmingham accent which makes them even funnier, my best description would be if comedian Jasper Carrott was to steal a load of Bob Dylan tunes and write comedy lyrics to them then you would get Dik Guru. This cd has 11 tracks and was recorded in 2004 and self released by Dik Himself. I had seen Dik in a pub one night about 2 or 3 years ago but had not thought much more about it, he was very funny but for some reason I never followed my interest up, then in the early part of 2006 I was at a punk gig and there were acoustic acts playing in the bar below, the noise of angry punk had started to iritate me so i went to the bar for to give my ears some peace, there were various acoustic acts doing typical mundane versions of irish folk songs etc and then up got Dik Guru and I remembered this was the same bloke I had saw 2 or 3 years previous.
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