Lower Class Brats - This is Real DVD+CD


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Thirtieen years in the making!!!! "This Is Real!" comes from the LOWER CLASS BRATS personal archives: A documentary offering a candid view into life on the road with this touring Punk Rock band. "This Is Real!", provides an authentic, "Band's Eye View", of the BRATS' journey into madness. On stage, back stage, in the van, after parties: All this and more has been captured on film for a 360 degree view of your favorite Rock N Roll droogs. "This Is Real!" is not just a clever title, it is a statement of fact. Viddy well, little brothers, viddy well.... SPECIAL FEATURES: * Live At The Blue Flamingo: Austin, TX 1996 * "Just Like Clockwork" Documentary Expert * Live At Bojangles: Sacramento, CA 1997 * Band Commentary * "Just Like Clockwork" Video * Band Interview
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