Control - in the beginning - CD


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Fast die kompletten beiden ersten Alben auf einer CD. Die Songs sind remastered und kommen mit neuem Artwork daher.


  1. Keep the home fires burning
  2. Depressed
  3. Guilty by association
  4. Welcome to the nanny state
  5. Hooligan rock n roll
  6. Stand up and fight
  7. Roll over
  8. Ten years of chaos
  9. Spirit of Boudicca
  10. Vigilante
  11. Son of a gun
  12. Nail your colours to the mast
  13. Thrown to the wolves
  14. Punk rock ruined my life
  15. High time I hung up my boots
  16. Another mother's son
  17. He's a skinhead
  18. No help for heroes
  19. Rebellion in my blood
  20. Wake up and small the roses
  21. Ian Huntley
  22. Job to do
  23. Chaos in the community 
  24. Wild Colonial boy
  25. no more
  26. Soldier of misfortune
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