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The new Gonads album Built For Destruction is released in July 2013. It features great fifteen tracks including the band's incredibly rare first-ever single ‘Stroke My Beachcomber Baby’ as bonus. Here is a song by song break-down: 1) C’mon Motherfucker – a shorter, sharper version of the track which kick-starts ‘Oi This Is Street-Punk Vol 3’, ‘Motherfucker’ takes rock’n’roll back to the garage, yowling and scuttling along to an addictive sing-along chorus. This is Gal Gonad/Mark McMighty anthem is about “getting back to boots." 2) Oblivion – pure, unadulterated backstreet rock celebrating sex and drugs and rock'n'roll and exploding in the gap between punk and Motorhead. 3) Punch, Punch (Your Fuckwit Head) – a bad-tempered diatribe that mocks clichéd bands who keep trotting out the same old tired bollocks. This number is a dark rhythmic soup with a satirical spine and an angry mob chorus. 4) Ugly Town (tribute to Nabat). Politicians get it in the neck on this unconventional but oddly infectious sing-along inspired by the great Italian Oi band Nabat. 5) Glorious – a monster terrace anthem from the legendary Bushell/Ward song-writing team; Oi meets Slade. 6) Dogging In Dartford also known as 'Not Cheryl Baker', this is a bad taste bonanza of filth with an unforgettable chorus that hooks right under your skin. 7) Diana Schuler – a dirty souped-up blues tribute to Randale’s Diana Schuler, "in honour of her love of streetpunk, her commitment and her fish farm." 8) Harry May’s Revenge – the revamp of an early crowd pleaser only previously available on our live double album from the early 80s. If you can decipher the lyrics you'll see whose side we were on when the Business fell out with Harry and their former manager Fatty Lol. 9) Still Coming Blood – this is part vampire nightmare, part celebration of our Charlton brothers The Blood. (Gal and Colin 'The Cardinal' Smith both went to Charlton Manor Primary School in Indus Road, SE7.) 10) Dying For A Pint – a modern re-interpretation of our old reggae number; a protest against nightclub bouncer brutality in North London. 11) Cunt Tease – true story of a Millwall supporting wretch who flew to Munich to shag a fraulein and then completely bottled out. 12) My Cousin’s Niece – also known as Savile’s Lament, this is as bad taste as you can get; it’s only redeeming features is the Clash reminiscent feel and the fact that the "dirty nonce" meets an awful fate. 13) Charlton Warriors – roll over Scott Gorham and tell Phil Lynott the news; the new Gonads go Thin Lizzy on your arse. 14) We Are The Boys – the second brand new Bushell/Ward number, but this one is heavier than The Hulk in concrete boots. BONUS TRACK 15) Stroke My Beachcomber, Baby (original 1977 version) – exactly what it says on the tin, the original version of our first ever single. We were poppier then!

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