The Toy Dolls - Episode XIII - LP

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This is their first new studio album for 8 years since The Album After the Last One in 2011 and the band are touring to commemorate their 40th Anniversary.


Side A

  1. Previously
  2. Arthur Clark`s a dark house
  3. Benny the boxer
  4. Knickers off in the Mykonos
  5. The laptop lifter
  6. Waffle woman

Side B

  1. Christine's clothes
  2. She's a worky ticket
  3. El cumbanchero
  4. Senor benidorm
  5. Richard Clayderman's a creep
  6. Until next time
  7. Benny the boxer (Karaoke version)
  8. Waffle woman (Karaoke version)
  9. Richard Claydermans's a creep (Karaoke version)


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