Gimp Fist ‎– A Fist Full Of Gimp- LP Box

Sunny Bastards


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Tracklist A1 Too Little Too Late A2 War On The Streets A3 Voice Of A Generation A4 Jimmy Was A Punk A5 Up Against The Wall B1 Dead End Streets B2 Shoulder To Shoulder B3 Just Another Country B3 665532 B4 Rebel Roots B5 More War Stories (Original Recording) C1 Fighting To Survive C2 Working Class C3 Whatever Happened C4 (Don't Wanna Be) Like You C5 More War Stories D1 Another Day Another Disaster D2 Skindeep D3 That Day Will Come D4 Heart Full Of Pride D5 The Real World E1 The Place Where I Belong E2 Skinhead Not Bonehead E3 Here I Stand E4 A Country Fit For Heroes? E5 Walk Away E6 Forever My Heart & Soul E7 No Fun F1 Common Ground F2 Sign Of The Times F3 Think Again F4 Outta Control F5 Another Victim? F6 Betrayed F7 Take Me Home G1 First In Line G2 Fear Of Unemployment G3 (Marching) On & On G4 Battered & Bruised G5 I Believe G6 Guilty G7 Waste Away H1 She's A Skinhead Now H2 Which Side Are You On? H3 Gotta Get Away H4 British Bullets H5 Ignorant H6 Back On My Feet Notes Comes with a Postcard Set - A Slipmat and 24 page maxi-book
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